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The Gazcue Area

It is no accident that our company has devoted its efforts to the construction and real estate marketing in this area.

Gazcue is one of the most traditional areas in Santo Domingo, filled with history, charm and at a small distance from the waterfront and fast access to the colonial zone.

Most of the residential buildings, were built by the most aristocratic and influential families of the 20th Century.

In the last 20 years it has had a rapid recovery in its urban and economic development, due to its easy access and quietness is one of the preferred places by young families, students and executives who are looking forward to a quiet and relaxing evening after a long tiring working day. More than a century after, it preserves the same residential charm, and has been able to confront the modernity challenges, transforming to be part of the life of a city that never stops growing.

Just a few minutes away from the financial and business center of the city, in Gazcue and its proximities you can find museums, movie theaters, recreation and shopping malls, private clinics, supermarkets, restaurants and different franchises of the most famous brands from around the world. Another great attribute of the area is its proximity to the waterfront, the great Colonial Zone Boulevard which connects it with the modern part of the Santo Domingo City.

Garden City

Gazcue is also known as ¨Garden City¨ for the green and leisure areas that house in its surroundings, such as the Culture Plaza, The Independence Park, The Juan Baron Plaza and the Hostos Park, as well as the ancient trees which are already typical of its streets and residences. Many of these Plazas are used by the residents to play sports and recreate themselves.


In Gazcue since its inception at the beginning of century, the architectural styles art deco, modern and neo-classic among others, have co-existed.

It reached its urbanistic level in the decades from the 1930´s to the 1950´s, under the Trujillo´s government where streets, electrical wiring, drains, garbage collection and leisure sites were established.

Today old buildings with designs and facades from that time are protected by the Monumental Heritage Office and are mingled with modern residential buildings, governmental offices which contribute to create a contemporary and pleasant climate which reigns in the modern Gazcue.

The Culture Plaza

The Juan Pablo Duarte Culture Plaza, was created in the early 70s, with the purpose of increasing the Dominican population´s cultural level. It is located within an immense ancient beautiful trees populated park, which allows leisure, spiritual tranquility, knowledge and intellectual work and relaxation.

This important cultural diffusion complex is comprised by the National Library, the National Theater, The Museum of the Dominican Man, The Museum of Modern Art, The National Museum of Natural History, The National Museum of History and Geography, (The Museum of the Dominican Republic), and the Dominican Cinematheque. All of these Institutions are dependencies of the Ministry of Culture.

Main Access Routes

27 de Febrero Ave
Independencia Ave
MáximoGómez Ave
Bolívar Ave

Real-Estate Value

There is no other place in the country that combines de great historical and architectural value, tranquility, easy access and shops for the daily life convenience.

Gazcue still is one of the first options for family housing and every day more for executives and foreign university students.

In Gazcue you can find the home you´re looking for at an affordable price. Just ask the varied offer we have for you.