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Dominican Republic

Being the second largest country in the Caribbean Region and thanks to its pleasant tropical climate, diverse geographic offer and the charisma of its people, the Dominican Republic has positioned itself as one of the main tourist and business destinations of the region.

Growing Economy

In recent decades the country has experienced an upturn in sectors such as construction and transportation, achieving a tangible urban development, in the same way its telecommunications infrastructure is today considered one of the most efficient and sophisticated in the region. The improvements in these sectors have directly contributed to the foreign investment growth in the country, becoming the basis for important multinationals and their brands, which operate for our market and from it to the world.

In this context the country has nothing to envy to developed cities, as it offers its population the main products and international quality services in a local manner.

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Real-Estate Investment Climate in DR

The Dominican Republic has sufficient attractions to make valid its real estate investment: economics and politics stability, excellent geographic position, with easy access to the main international markets.

It enjoys a robust organizational system and control in real estate led by the real estate jurisdiction.

Real Estate Dominican Jurisdiction

The real estate jurisdiction has the exclusive competence to meet the real estate rights and its record in Dominican Republic, since the authorization of the cadastral survey is requested and throughout the property´s life, except for the exceptions provided in the legal framework.

The real estate sector is regulated primarily by Law 108-05 of the Real Estate Registry March 23 2005, (modified by the law 51-07 April 23, 2007), which rule the registration of the real estate rights in all the Dominican territory, implementing the real estate advertising system in the country.

The real estate jurisdiction is comprised by the Superior Land Court, The Courts of Original Jurisdiction, The National Deeds Registry and The National Cadastral Surveys Directorate. It is also a member the State Attorney.

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