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Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo de Guzmán, is the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic. Founded by Bartolome Colon in 1496 in the eastern bank of the Ozama River and then transferred to the western bank of the same river by Nicolas de Ovando in 1502. Known for being the site of the first European settlement in America and the first seat of Spanish Colonial government in the New World.

Why invest in a property in Santo Domingo?

Caribbean financial and business Center

Consolidated as a strategic financial and business center in the Caribbean Region, more and more are the companies that are established in the capital of the Dominican Republic, bringing an important capital and people´s flow and making it a living and moving city.

University Studies Destination

We also annually receive thousands of students who come to our universities from across America and the world to complete their studies primarily in the fields of Medicine and Odontology.

Transportation and Recreation Facilities

The city of Santo Domingo has a growing transportation system to which two important metro routes have already joined. It also has attractive shopping malls with the main international brands, gastronomic offer and a living nightlife for all tastes, and of course, beautiful beaches and golf courses twenty minutes away from the city.

Santo Domingo has fast access to the most visited tourists’ sites: Punta Cana, Samana, Puerto Plata and Barahona-Pedernales.

It also houses the oldest city in the New World known as the Colonial City, providing an interesting cultural and leisure offer.

Santo Domingo Metro: www.opret.gob.do
Colonial Zone: www.zonacolonial.com
Nightlife and Events: www.uepa.com
Restaurants Guide: www.menu.com.do

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